The Weasel finds itself in a hole. This is not meant as a metaphor, lots of animals live in holes, rabbits; hedgehogs; gophers; snakes, so too the weasel finds itself in a hole. He easily dug himself into this hole but there are limits to how far down one can go. Geologists know about that. Now here is a metaphor: You find yourself in a room. It 's a small room and you can 't heat the small room, you can 't find money to rent the small room. Your clothes come from the trashcan of a startup millionaire named Alex. You owe money to an insurance company. In two weeks an immigration office will ask you to leave and you 'll ask " where? " and they ' ll tell you to leave the office. Perhaps this is what "a hole" means, but enough metaphors, the weasel has hit rock and we were discussing the weasel 's way out. So let 's get back to ending the story. How will it end? Faced with a similar problem, that clever Jack Kerouac went on and on and on and ripped off the bottom of the page, and that 's one way. The weasel digging himself deeper, ripping at the earth with those bare hands. My god he worked so much, went so low, so deep until he came upon something. Something very hard. And he stayed there forever polishing the surface of a dirty old metaphor.

(excerpt from 'Skirting the Subject: a Hearing' for La Biennale de l'Image en Mouvement Genève 2018 with Tamara Henderson.)

One morning a vending machine appeared in the courtyard containing everything and a combination of the right signs in the right order bequeathed anything upon anyone. 'It's not about comfort,' said a most uncomfortable man. For some it was like a rock in a shoe only in something much larger than a shoe, something we could not take off.

(excerpt from 'It or the Apparatus': Pace Gallery London with Beth Letain)

Auto comes from a Greek word meaning self. It appears in autobiography, automobile, autonomous, autodidact, autocorrect, autopilot. [...] To avoid repetition it is very important to know what is the same and what is different. In Ancient Greek there is another word containing auto, and it means 'same'. This word is tautó. Tautó can be found at the beginning of tautology; which is an easier way to say that although some things look different, they are actually the same:

X = 2

(excerpt from Auto-Gefühl for the University of Guelph's Master of Fine Arts program)